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Without a proper guiding tool, remote experts can’t deliver efficient and effective remote assistance. Augmented reality is more effective when the admin can guide the user through the process to fix an issue. The whole point of using augmented reality is to deliver effective remote assistance; otherwise, assistance over the phone call can also get the task done, though with lesser efficiency.

RASST has a comprehensive Guiding Tool where the admin can draw geometric shapes on user view to help with what the user needs to do. The admin can draw shapes like circle, square, polygon, arrow, etc. Guiding shapes can bind on the point of Interest, and shape moves with it on the user side.

The information attached to the objects can move with the object until the object moves out of the field of view. Augmented reality methods track the object. This method allows for tracking more than one object at the same time. When the object moves back into the field of view again, the algorithm finds the object again and continues to track it.

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