RASST (Remote Assistance) provides on-site support remotely to technician who need guidance in maintenance/repair operations by using Augmented Reality Technology. RASST connects the technician to the expert to get remote on-site support and prevents loss of time and money.


Next level technology, Next level solution

Faster Response

  • Instant connection
  • Just in time support
  • No delay due to travel

Higher Productivity

  • Maximizing the utilization of expert
  • Uninterrupted processes
  • High level support

Cost Reduction

  • Reducing travel costs
  • Reducing interruption costs
  • Avoiding critical troubles

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What is RASST?


The introduction of RASST lies pretty much in its name. RASST equals Remote Assistance, which is the most viable solution to offer support and guidance to inexperienced on-site professionals doing maintenance and repair work when experts are not available on-site.

To put is the simplest form, it’s an augmented reality (AR) software for AR-based glasses and tablets. It allows the on-field expert wearing augmented reality glasses to stream/share the view to the remote expert, enabling the expert to identify the on-site situation, detect the issue, and instruct accordingly.

Ideally, RASST is for industrial applications, but it can be adapted to help in different use cases.

Point of Interest

The remote expert can mark a specific area as a point of interest on a live stream from the on-field expert. The admin can create points of interest using different names and colors in a single session. Using this feature, the admin can determine a specific area in the field of view to be worked on, and the area remains under the tracking. Read more

Task Assignment

For comprehensive assistance and efficient assistance, the admin can leverage RASST’s Task Assignment feature. It allows the admin to send the main task details to users. After looking at the area under consideration, the remote expert would need to present a solution. Read more

Voice/Text Chat

A remote assistance solution can’t be effective if it lacks proper communication. Both can send voice and text messages to carry effective communication between the on-site expert and remote expert. Read more

Guiding Tools

Without a proper guiding tool, remote experts can’t deliver efficient and effective remote assistance. Augmented reality is more effective when the admin can guide the user through the process to fix an issue. Read more

File Sharing

The effectiveness of remote assistance is affected by the capabilities of the solutions used to deliver assistance. One of the significant factors involved in an efficient remote assistance solution is file sharing. RASST allows the admin to send image files, text files, and pdf files to the on-field experts working on-site. What makes this feature even effective is that the admin can draw explanations on the pdf file to guide the user for an effective solution.

Session Record

Session records can be helpful for future use, analytics, and other purposes. The on-field expert is facing a problem and needs expert assistance while performing the maintenance or repair work. Read more

Secure Connection

One of the major concerns when using a technological solution is the safety and protection of data and communication. RASST enables secure connection by adding full protection and encryption to the connection. Read more

Responsive Design

To receive and deliver remote assistance using augmented reality, one thing that plays a critical role is the user interface. It must be responsive. RASST features a responsive user interface design that adapts according to the device it’s accessed on. If you are using RASST on your laptop, it will adapt according to the display's resolution. Read more

Cloud Integration

Though RASST doesn’t necessarily use cloud communication infrastructure to enable the user to stream the view, communicate, share files, and do other functions, users can request cloud integration. Read more


When you use a solution for augmented reality, you would want it to be available across all platforms to ease accessibility. What makes RASST easily accessible is that it can run on a wide range of operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, IOS. Read more


Your needings, your plan


  • On-Premise
  • All RASST Features
  • Touch-Screen UI compatibility
  • File sharing up to 5 MB
  • Technical support

Core +

  • All Core Features
  • Multiple Point of Interest Selection
  • Session Record Feature
  • File sharing up to 15 MB
  • Cloud Integration


  • All Core + Features
  • New AR 3D feature
  • Multi-Expert Connections
  • File sharing up to 100 MB
  • Smart glass compatibility


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